The team at Delta Hospital is proud to announce that as of January 2022, Delta Hospital is the distributor appointed for Spain as well, on top of Italy, for the product AngioVac by Angiodynamics.

This achievement was made possible by the success that Delta Hospital obtained in its commercial launch of the Angiovac system on the Italian market, which happened in 2013 and has seen Delta Hospital steadily increasing its sales every year with the exception of the year 2020, when the Italian market of surgical interventions was heavily hit by COVID-19.

This steady increase in sales over the years resulted in Delta Hospital becoming the first distributor in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Asia) in terms of number of sales already back in 2019. Not only that, but some of the physicians-clients at Delta Hospital are now global Opinion Leaders for the device, having spearheaded innovative therapies such as its usage on pediatric patients and in the heart’s left chambers. The result of these innovations has been their publication on several globally-renowned clinical journals.

Delta Hospital is therefore planning to capitalize on the lessons learned through these years of success in order to obtain to launch the device in the Spanish market.