On April 26th – 27th the 4th yearly Congress of the Cardiovascular Medical Society was held at Padua University, where around 150 physicians engaged each other in passionate debates and exchanges to improve their clinical practice and share experiences and advice.

The congress was attended mainly by Interventional Cardiologists and Radiologists, Electrophysiologists and Cardiac Surgeons, but relevant speakers from other clinical areas participated as well.

Main topics covered were the following:

  • Current and future cardiovascular lasers available
  • LIVE Session from the US: Auryon Excimer Laser and the US experience by Prof. Rundback
  • Excimer laser versus other solutions in complex coronary treatments
  • Excimer laser’s role in the Interventional Radiologist’s toolkit
  • Italian Studies and Registries in development involving the Excimer laser
  • Available toolkit for the electrophysiologist willing to extract lead catheters
  • Angiovac Adjunctive therapy in case of vegetations on lead catheters during lead extractions
  • Angiovac role in the Cardiac Surgeon’s practice
  • Cardiovascular Laser Society’s partnership with the national ISS (Istituto Superiore di Sanità) and its contribution to the EU clinical research landscape

Delta Hospital participated was the only and unconditional Sponsor to the event.

Below some pictures of the event.